Welcome to Esfahan
As it is said "Esfahan Nesf-e Jahan" (Esfahan, Half of the World), one should walk throughout this city in order to have a better understanding of it. A city known as; blossomed rose, earthly paradise, turquoise bridge etc... , These are only some titles given to Esfahan from the periods of Malekshah the Seljuk 11th century AD (5th century AH) and Shah Abbas the great 17th century AD (11th century AH) to glorify and appreciate its grandeur.

The monuments registered in UNESCO
The Grand Naghsh-e Jahan square can be named as the heart of Esfahan. It was given the title of the "World Heritage" and registered in UNESCO due to its matchless beauty and grandeur. Hopefully Chehel Sotoon palace will soon be counted as the world heritage as well.

Beautiful at night

Today, Isfahani people love to walk among the public gardens around the Zayanderoud, beautiful bridges lit well at night as bridges Khâdjou and Si-O Pol. This is when the heat dies down it takes to get to appreciate harmony. The evening on the Place Royale, with the fresh lawns and large pool, the Iranians and foreigners who attend the day, came the Isfahani who bring their families to settle on the lawns while enjoying the great place, which then seems to float.

The occasion of World Tourism Day Tourism Week and the symmetry of the Sacred Defense Week, Deputy Tourism Administration of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Isfahan together a group of experts and staff this grave Deputy Commander Haj Hossein Kharrazi, and eight years Martyrs Defence Holy Martyrs Being found in Golestan and build on flowers and perfume Sprinkler Srmzar the martyrs, with their bonds and their memory was honored.

The Administration and Public Relations Department Amvrfrhngy Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Association offices in Isfahan ceremony Travel, Hotels Association, Union Mhmanpzyran, guides Tourism Association and a group of tourism facilities managers attended and martyrs grave donate Flowers give way to continue the Koran's Martyrs stressed.
Deputy Tourism Administration of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism said Isfahan: Isfahan tour tourism occasion weeks free holiday for all citizens is being held.

The Office of Public Relations and Cultural Affairs Administration of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Isfahan "Mohsen Moslehi," added: "Isfahan Tour FREE till October the fourth round of the September eleventh two buses each day is being held ..

He said: Isfahan holiday enthusiasts can attend to Revolution Square, not the hours of 12 am to visit the monuments of Isfahan.

He added: Tour round at the Tour of Isfahan Isfahan citizens with a set of "Historic Bridges," "Chehelsotun", "Mosque", "collection Square monuments Imam (AS)" will be familiar.
Head of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Natanz city said: "Sport tourism development according to abilities and potential in the city or the yen should be considered. Public Relations and Cultural Affairs Administration of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Isfahan "Ahmad Reza Ghasemi Committee meeting on Tourism and Cultural Heritage city of Natanz added: Enabling Tourism Natanz given abilities and potential of high and outside the region Depression and solidification mode of the main issues in this city that should be investigated.

He added: "Given the existence of potential climbing mountain vulture with environmental and ecological diversity is discussed in sports tourism in this city should be considered.

He infrastructure and providing appropriate and good communication with advertising agencies and the federation to achieve a trip to this city noted and added: "There are mountains and skiing Brfgyr to strengthen consultations with Ski Federation, and identifying vulnerable locations to attract tourists and winter residents use city, mountains and desert rally set up to attract tourists according to the attractions of the desert and mountainous Natanz Other projects in the city's sport tourism discussions.

He said regarding the importance of tourism categories: strengthening the tourism industry can be economically beneficial for the country and strengthen national unity, peace and security have been brought.

Holding his conference to the public good day walking tour and bell tourism and cultural programs in schools, especially students from other decisions as to the Committee.

Natanz governor also told the meeting: Natanz city in terms of abundance of historical monuments and tourist attractions require more attention and follow-up required Amydavrym with the various agencies and organizations in the efforts of the city double double efforts to reach its merits.
Director General Administration of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Isfahan said: "World Tourism Day Isfahan residential units to tourists who travel the province, to stay in the 20 percent discount will.

The Department of Cultural Affairs and Public Administration of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Isfahan "Asfndyarhydry pour" added: "Also, tourists and those interested in historical buildings can be on the fifth day of October free to visit the monuments of Isfahan.

He unveiled the "Book of seven tabs Esfahan Tourism" and the unveiling of the "Seven multimedia tab tourism" World Tourism Day pointed and said: is set, the conference held on the occasion of World Tourism Day Celebration and Appreciation hands - those involved tourism industry and owners of tourism facilities will be held at Abbasi hotel, tourism and book seven tabs Multimedia seven tabs Tourism also be unveiled.

Pour Heidari said: "Deputy Tourism Tourism Week Four in Isfahan Travel and Tourism Office and the traditional Dvaqamtgah will open.

"Mohsen Moslehi," Deputy Tourism Administration of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Isfahan province said: donate flowers to tourists and travel agencies tours input by other programs at the airport is Tourism Week.

His one-day tour visiting the "Cyrus" in the National Museum for tourism students, free tour of Isfahan Science and monuments to visit the tourist entrance students 89 years, the bell in schools on the occasion of Tourism Tourism Week with symmetry reopen schools and 10 high school lectures on selected tourist guides from other programs Tourism Week, he said.

Moslehi said: This week, Deputy Vice-tourism and tourism experts Batfaq tourism facilities managers will visit the Golestan martyrs on the presence of cholera Srmzar martyr Sardar Hossein Kharrazi, and his official honor wreath will be awarded.

Slogans commemorating his installation at the end of World Tourism Day Tourism in all installations and Tourism Week, monuments, airports,

Rail terminal from other terminals in action this week Zkrkrd Tourism Department.
Esfandiar Heidari Pour director of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Isfahan in an interview with reporters about the club and its role in the development of tourism Tourism announced: the first decade of the third millennium in the tourism industry one of the best, most human and most popular Human activities in the field of economy and culture is now an area in Isfahan province, and about 000/107 square kilometers while the central plateau of Iran have been central instrument of civilization, with climate variability and climate so that West side of the Zagros Mountains slopes range weather fun and cool in summer and cold in winter, mild weather in the provincial capital, and hot and dry and desert in the East and the North East has caused the province to the Four Seasons is housed.

He also added that according to the monument over 000/20 is available in the province's largest river and is worth noting that Iran's Central Plateau over the river to more than 350 kilometers in the province is now the Great Northern Highway to the south of the heart The province is going. So now the major destination of Isfahan has domestic and foreign tourists, so that in the New Year this year more than 10 million trip to the province was conducted. About her nationality as foreign tourists to the province will: because the major tourist province of the cultural fabric of the province of entry to countries that are interested in historical attractions, or to use hot and dry regions oriented to the East and the North East must travel provinces . Including these countries in the field can be a Europe of Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland and Scandinavian countries, areas noted. Within Asian countries Japan, China, Southeast Asian countries and Arabic countries are the next priority. Heidari Pour about incoming tourists to the province of Statistics announced the end of last year about 51 thousand foreign tourists and about 328 thousand Iranian tourists stay in the province have found accommodation by the year 1389 we hope these statistics increase.